The Boras factor

March 5, 2009 | 7:46 am | 2  

When the Rockies got their 24 pre-arbitration players under contract on Wednesday, 21 of them agreed to terms. The other three — Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Spilborghs and Jeff Baker — were renewed.

A coincidence? No. They are the three Rockies players represented by agent Scott Boras. Baker has been with Boras since he signed out of Clemson. Gonzalez and Spilborghs made the change in the off-season.

It should be added that the failure of Gonzalez, Spilborghs and Baker to agree to terms had nothing to do with the Rockies trading Matt Holliday, another Boras client.

The Rockies have a very stringent pay scale for pre-arbitration eligible players, and they are consistent with that approach. Boras does not agree with the philosophy and prefers to have his clients not agree to the contract as a matter of principle.