Rockies Make Move in Dominican

July 4, 2009 | 7:58 am | 2  

The Rockies reportedly signed Dominican shortstop prospect Rosel Herrera. Jorge Arangue of ESPN Deportes reports that Herrera received a $550,000 signing bonus.

Latin players became eligible to sign on Thursday.

The Rockies also are expected to sign right-handed pitcher Johendi Jiminian. Herrera and Jiminian are ranked among the top 20 Latin prospects available to sign by Baseball America.

Herrera rains at the Born to Play Baseball Academy run by Domincan agent Edgar Mercedes.

“¬†The main draw for Herrera is his projectable power, which should continue to develop as he fills out his frame,” according to Baseball America. “Herrera has shown well for some teams, though some scouts aren’t sure his swing will be conducive to hitting for average. Because of his size, below-average speed and throwing mechanics, Herrera will probably move to third base or more likely to right field. He throws from an unusually low arm slot for an infielder, which causes him to push the ball and costs him carry on his throws.”

The Dodgers were the other team that made a strong push for Herrera, according to Baseball America.

The Rockies and San Diego have made the strongest push for Jiminian, which sets up an interesting showdown. San Diego’s Latin coordinator is Felix Feliz, who used to be Rockies Latin coordinator Rolando Fernandez’ scouting supervisor in the Dominican Republic.

“(Jiminian’s)¬†fastball sits at 88-89 mph and has touched 91 for some teams,” according to Baseball America. “His mechanics and feel for pitching are both advanced for a 16-year-old, with a loose arm and a projectable body. Jiminian shows feel to spin a curveball and will also mix in an occasional sinker.”



  • mike | July 4, 2009 | 5:36 pm

    How did the Rockies get Herrera for so cheap? Thats about 550K less than originally was being reported.

  • mike | July 6, 2009 | 6:14 pm

    Rockies signed 4 more as well; lefthander Jayson Aquino, shortstop Juan Ciriaco and righthanders Carlos Medrano and Alberto Mendez