Rockies Draft Ranked No. 1

October 27, 2009 | 5:11 pm | 2  

The Rockies enjoyed the best draft of any major league team in 2009, according to Baseball America.

In the magazine’s current edition, the Rockies were ranked ahead of Arizona, Seattle, San Diego and Boston as the five top drafts this year.

The Rockies signed 40 of 52 selections from the draft, the second most of any team. St. Louis signed 43.

The Rockies spent $7,924,300 in signing bonus, seventh among major-league teams. It was an increase from 2008 when they spent $4,157,000. The big difference was No. 1 pick Tyler Matzek, who was considered the top left-hander in the draft but slipped to the Rockies with the 11th pick because of signability concerns.

The Rockies signed him for $3.9 million, the most they ever gave a drafted player. A year ago, the Rockies gave first-round pick Christian Friedrich, the 25th selection overall, $1.35 million.

This year, the Rockies also had two high compensation picks, and used them for outfielder Tim Wheeler, the 32nd pick overall who signed for $900,000, and left-handed pitcher Rex Brothers, the 34th pick overall who signed for $969,000.

A year ago, Friedrich was the Rockies only selection among the first 71 players in the draft.

Individually, Baseball America ranked:

–Matzek, No. 2 among high school players closer to the majors. Right-handed Jacob Turner, who Detroit pitched ahead of the Rockies selection, was No. 1. His fastball was also ranked fifth best out of the draft, and Matzek ranked second among high school playes for closest to the majors.

–Right-handed pitcher Chris Balcom-Miller, the sixth-round pick, as No. 1 among junior college players for best pro debut.

–Third baseman Nolan Arenado, the Rockies’ second-round pick, No. 5 among high school players for best pro debut, and also No. 5 as best pure hitter out of the draft.

–Outfielder Kent Matthes, the Rockies fourth-round selection, was rated No. 5 for best power hitter.



  • David | October 28, 2009 | 8:10 am

    I’ve been critical of the Rockies drafting in the past but I can’t complain one bit about this draft. Well done Rox!

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