Street to throw bullpen; peace of mind for Betancourt

March 7, 2010 | 2:37 pm | 1  

TUCSON _ Closer Huston Street is scheduled to throw a 25-pitch bullpen Tuesday, one that will be more intense than Sunday when he took another step forward. Getting back on a mound for the first time since he threw batting practice Feb. 26, Street threw 15 pitches at 80 percent Sunday.

Rafael Betancourt, who thrived setting up Street the final two months of last year, began taking anti-inflammatory medication Saturday after being examined by Rockies medical director Dr. Tom Noonan. He diagnosed the tightness Betancourt was feeling in his right shoulder as inflammation.

“Now I know what’s going on,” Betancourt said. Before I was, ‘Hey what is this?’ ”

Like Betancourt, Street is recovering from inflammation in his right shoulder, which he first experienced the day after that batting practice session.

“It was a good feeling today, a really good feeling,” Street said. “And before that we long-tossed as well. So it was the most significant workload we’ve put on it since we backed off. Feeling it now, it’s going to respond just fine, I think.”

Street said he still thinks he’ll be able to get nine exhibition game appearances, which will be in keeping with past springs. He pitched 11 1/3 innings in 11 games last spring, his first with the Rockies. In addition to making appearances on consecutive days _ the norm for relievers as they near the regular season _ Street is hopeful of making one two-inning appearance.

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  • nick | March 8, 2010 | 10:34 am

    “Now I know what’s going on,” Betancourt said. Before I was, ‘Hey what is this?’ ”

    bahahaha. great quote.