Corpas to seek second opinion

August 27, 2010 | 7:03 pm | 4  

Colorado Rockies reliever Manuel Corpas, who has been diagnosed with a sprained ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, will be examined Tuesday by Dr. Lewis Yocum, a noted orthopedic surgeon who is based in Anaheim, Calif.

Corpas relieved Esmil Rogers in the second inning Wednesday against the Braves but had to leave the game in the fourth because of elbow soreness. Manager Jim Tracy credits Corpas with holding the bullpen together this season, because he has pitched a variety of relief roles. In 56 games, Corpas is 3-5 with a 4.62 ERA and 10 saves.

Corpas had bone chips removed from his elbow last season and then developed a staph infection. He has been dealing with elbow soreness during this season. While the tear that was detected in his UCL is not sizeable, it’s likely Corpas will be facing Tommy John surgery at some point.

He is under contract for next season at $3.5 million with a $250,000 buyout on a $6 million club option in 2012. Recovery time from Tommy John surgery is about a year. If Corpas tries to rehab his elbow but breaks down next season, he would be in a recovery mode when becoming a free agent. Should Corpas opt to have surgery soon, he might make it back for the final weeks of the 2011 season, and clubs would have a better gauge of his health.

In other news, Jeff Francis (left biceps soreness) threw all his pitches in a 39-pitch bullpen session Friday. The session was spread over three innings with five-minute intervals. Francis, who last pitched for the Rockies on Aug. 11, is scheduled to throw another bullpen and then face hitters in a simulated game.

Reliever Matt Daley (right shoulder inflammation) threw all his pitches for the first time in a 30-pitch session spread over two innings. Daley, who last pitched for the Rockies on June 10, will throw another bullpen session of 30 pitches.

Lastly, Aaron Cook (sprained right big toe) is scheduled to throw about 85 pitches Saturday in his second rehab start for Double-A Tulsa. If he comes through that outing fine, Cook is scheduled to start for the Rockies on Thursday when they play a make-up game against the Phillies at Coors Field.


  • Doctor_Christopher | August 27, 2010 | 7:47 pm

    Get good advice Manny, that elbow is the only one you got worth millions. While Manny never recovered his 2007 form he showed some maturity this year, seemed to be in better shape, did take any bullpen position he was asked to, and in the end his results were not horrible. Did the Rocks jump the gun with him in 2007? In hindsight yes, but imagine if he had become Mariano Rivera v2.0? We would all be glad they locked him up at low rates through those arb years. I for one am hoping he can come all the way back and that he gets signed by the Rocks for a low-risk, high reward contract, rewarding them for their long patience.

    Good news on Francis. I still think he can help this season, though one wonders if all this medical up-and-down might actually help the Rocks re-sign him for a lower base deal. Have been wondering what happened to Matt Daley, who I really like even if he seems like more guile than stuff (gotta love a guy who was a non-draftee who might end up with more wins in his career than Stephen Strasburg, who I am very sad has been hurt and whose career may never recover).

    Aaron is the true key in my opinion. He is too costly to trade unless eat money, which defeats the reason to trade him. He has always been among my fav Rocks (gotta love the guy who almost dies on the mound who comes back to be an All Star). If, and its a big if, he can get back the magically sinker, he could help out a ton this year and next, as a #5 starter, as a long-man, or maybe as a key reliever with men on base. Here is to you Aaron, may you be blessed to recover and work that sinker back to the most dominant pitch in the NL West.

  • Doctor_Christopher | August 27, 2010 | 7:52 pm

    Add one thing on Corpas. Just read an article on (assume ITR is okay with us linking there) at

    where they give us the ERA of starters (granted Corpas is a reliever so ERA is less helpful as a measure) coming back from TJS. Granted a number of guys had the surgery while still young and not yet great pitchers, but did you know that Carpenter, J Johnson, T Hudson, and Shawn Marcum all have lower ERAs post-TJ than before? I remember a few years back listening to some analyst (stat geek, not a scout) say that he thinks TJ may actually be a plus for hard throwers. Not sure I am going to run my 6 year old son down to the surgeon tommorow (kidding of course) but 30 years post first TJS, you can make the argument it does not hurt (pun intended).

  • reader f/k/a Mike | August 27, 2010 | 9:02 pm

    Why is it a big if for Cook to regain his effectiveness? (You mentioned next year, I can understand a big turnaround in the final month.)

  • reader f/k/a Mike | August 27, 2010 | 9:15 pm

    I mean, Cook’s entire career has been improbable. No one would expect a pitcher with a K rate below 4/9 to be successful, never mind that he’s also pitching in the park that allows the most hits per ball in play in the majors. And yet, he turned in 6 straight seasons with an above-average park-adjusted ERA.