Report card template

April 11, 2011 | 12:15 pm | 2  

From community member rockymountainhigh, a report card template users can use for talking about the game. Copy and paste this into a comment or new post about a game. As always, follow the community guidelines when doing so.

1.  Pitchers keep bases on balls, hit batsmen, and wild pitches to a minimum.

2.  Keeping K’s to a minimum.

3.  After scoring runs early, keep the pedal to the metal against their bullpen.

4.  Play small ball when needed.

5.  RISP hitting.

6.  Quality ABs with zero or one out.

7.  Avoid long losing streaks/win 5, lose 4 every nine games – consistency.

8.  One-run game results.

9.  Road record

10. Outside distractions (i.e. bad songs at stadium/constant criticism of umpires/accusations of Coors Field effect or juiced balls.)



  • progmatinee | April 11, 2011 | 1:37 pm

    hahaha. I expect RMH to post his thoughts on all of these catagories for 155 games going forward and we will tabulate the results at the end of the season.

  • rockymountainhigh | April 11, 2011 | 3:19 pm

    Yeah right I will post for all 155 games. ha ha. I only expect at least one graded report card for each game from at least one of us.