Wheeler, Paulsen, Gomez, Bettis, Arenado and Cabrera cited by Baseball America

August 15, 2011 | 3:24 pm | 1  

Six Colorado Rockies minor leaguers were winners in the annual Baseball America Best Tools survey. The survey is conducted on a league-by-league basis and voted on by managers.

In the Double-A Texas League, Tulsa center fielder Tim Wheeler was named the Best Power Prospect. Other winners from the Drillers were Ben Paulsen, Best Defensive First Baseman, and shortstop Hector Gomez, Best Infield Arm.

In the high Class A California League, Modesto pitcher Chad Bettis was chosen in the Best Fastball category and Nolan Arenado was named the Best Defensive Third Baseman.

In the low Class A South Atlantic League, left-hander Edwar Cabrera won the Best Changeup and Best Control categories. Cabrera was promoted to Modesto in late June.

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  • Doctor_Christopher | August 15, 2011 | 10:36 pm

    Holy Cow (I am a theologian, so please forgive the explitive), Arendo was rated the best 3B guy in High A? The read was he was suspect as a fielder. If this is true this is fantastic! Maybe Nolan is doing a Todd (Todd was thought suspect when he came up defenisively…his GG now prove the alternative).

    Bettis is a guy who gets forgotten but given time he could be a solid #3 or better (think of a rotation in 2013 or 14 with Chacin, Pomerantz, White, Bettis, and mabye Matzek).

    I know our talent is at least one season a way, but there is some real talent down in High A and Tulsa.

    Wheeler’s power seems to be gaining attention.