Chacin pitches well but Rockies lose again to Giants

September 26, 2011 | 11:12 pm | 5  

Jhoulys Chacin pitched well in his final start of the season, but the Colorado Rockies’ troubles with the San Francisco Giants continued with a 3-1 loss.

The Rockies have lost six straight games to the Giants. They are 4-12 against the Giants this season and 1-6 at AT&T Park. The Giants have never won 13 games from the Rockies in a season; they also won 12 games from the Rockies in 2003 (12-7).

The Rockies have three one-run losses, two two-run losses and one three-run loss at AT&T Park where their lone win was by one run and where they have allowed just 19 runs in seven games but have scored only 10.

Chacin finished the season with a 3.62 ERA but lost his fourth straight start and ended up 11-14. He pitched seven innings for the first time in five starts since Aug. 22 and got 13 outs on ground balls but gave up two runs with two out in the third.

That’s when pitcher Ryan Vogelsong singled off the glove of first baseman Jordan Pacheco and Andres Torres walked on a close pitch. Mike Fontenot tripled both runners home.

Vogelsong, who is 13-7 with a 2.71 ERA, held the Rockies scoreless for seven innings. The Rockies scored in the eighth on Mark Ellis‘ bloop single with two out. Wilin Rosario led the inning off with a single against Sergio Romo, who then struck out Tommy Field and pinch-hitter Ty Wigginton before Eric Young Jr. singled. Ellis stole second after his run-scoring hit but was stranded there when Dexter Fowler struck out.

J.C. Romero relieved Chacin and walked the first two batters he faced in the eighth. The Giants scored without benefit of a hit when Pedro Sandoval sacrificed, and Brett Pill hit a sacrifice fly.

Chacin’s previous start was a 2-1 loss to the Padres on Sept. 20. In his final two starts of the season, Chacin had a 2.08 ERA, allowing four runs, three earned, in 13 innings.

Seth Smith led off the seventh with a double. But when Pacheco followed with a grounder to shortstop, Smith, with the play in front of him, made a bad decision. He broke for third and was thrown out. Kevin Kouzmanoff then grounded into a 3-6-1 double play.

The Rockies had runners on second and third with one out in the first and came up empty when Smith struck out and Pacheco hitting a looping liner to third.


  • Doctor_Christopher | September 26, 2011 | 11:22 pm

    Baseball is just such a strange game (wonderful, but strange). Yesterday 25 hits, tonight 7. Yesterday a good fundamental game, tonight not so much. I wrote yesterday (as Anonymous for some reason) that it was sad that they had only 38 Taco games this year. While they were probably not going to get 7 runs tonight (it is still Pac Bell or whatever name, where pitching benefits over hitting), but they should have gotten more than the one run.

    Nice to see Chacin end his season on a good solid game, even with a bad result. Only two to go, but I still love to see this team do its best, and yesterday was pretty much that. Tonight was the Rockies of the 90+ losses we have all loved and lamented here.

    Hope everyone tunes in here during the off-season, enjoy the conversastions and I am sure Steve and Jack will keep us up to date on the big todos.

  • miketober | September 27, 2011 | 7:42 am

    There is an interesting article in the DP about Tracy being angry about his team’s approach with RISP and 2 outs. He claims he and Lansford have been preaching use the whole field but the players won’t listen or can’t do it. Personally I don’t believe it, since he refuses to make the right decisions in close games.

  • Doc | September 27, 2011 | 9:40 am

    I don’t believe it either miketober. If he really believes this then more proof he’s lost this team and shouldn’t be the manager.

    Interesting article in DP on the 24th about how Fairchild, his staff and the CSU players: “… are trying to change a culture. They are planting winning seeds and watching them grow. They are slowly turning last year’s major negatives in confidence and belief into positives.” Just don’t see this happening with the Rockies with JT in charge. Ever.

  • Eric W. | September 27, 2011 | 11:41 am

    Here is the story line for this off season…

    1. Rockies Fire not Tracy but both Apodaca and Lansford.
    2. Rockies hopefully let go Ian Stewart, Aaron Cook and maybe Ryan Spilborghs.
    3. Rockies acquire ethier Wandy Rodriguez, Matt Garza, or David Wright or maybe Roy Oswalt
    4. Rockies sign one or two of Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Beltran, Cody Ross, Rich Harden, someone like that…

  • Rich M | September 27, 2011 | 1:46 pm

    Not saying that it won’t happen Eric W, however that’s about 300% more activity than DanO normally does in an off season. Still you can put me down for David Wright, Wandy Rodriguez and Cody Ross. Oh yah and fire J Tracy too!