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Readers of InsideTheRockies.com are invited to join the discussion on this site by commenting on the stories and beginning threads of their own in the Whaddya Think? category. In both cases, we ask our visitors and contributors to follow the basic standards of conduct:

  • We are here to talk about the Colorado Rockies and Major League Baseball. While threads will occasionally stray into commentary on other Denver sports or baseball outside of Denver, keep the discussions to sports. There are plenty of sites to talk about news and politics, but unless we’re talking about funding for new stadiums or steroids hearings in Congress, this isn’t the place.
  • While we welcome a critical analysis of the Rockies, we won’t accept name-calling or insults. If you want to criticize a member of the Rockies organization, whether it be a player, coach or member of the front office, back it up with statistics or other evidence. If you want to insult a writer or commenter on the site, don’t. We welcome debate, but civil debate.
  • No swearing, please. We’re not trying to be prudes, just polite.
  • If you want to talk about Rockies news published elsewhere, cite it properly. Do not lift full passages of content from other sites, and if you quote someone, be clear about who said it and where it was published. Provide direct links where possible.
  • Inevitably someone on the site will disagree with a point you want to make — that’s part of the fun of watching baseball and talking about it. Don’t take disagreement personally.

InsideTheRockies.com reserves the right to remove any contributions or comments that violate these standards and to ban further comments from users who repeatedly violate this policy.