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InsideTheRockies.com is about the fans who have gathered here for an ongoing civil and intelligent discussion about the Colorado Rockies, both during the season and the long months between seasons. Some of the best reading on the site comes from you, the readers, commenting on the news and analysis we generate. Now, you can start your own threads to spur discussion within the community. The category Whaddya Think?, first introduced last year to prompt debate, has now been turned over to the community. While we will continue to occasionally start threads on subjects that do not warrant placement in the news and analysis section of the website, the section is now devoted to community debate. When you register for the site you will become a subscriber and gain access to write posts of whatever length you choose. The posts will appear in the box at the top of the sidebar and on the Whaddya Think? front page. This new feature requires the cooperation of the community in maintaining the civil tone we’ve developed over the years. While ITR will not edit the posts in the community threads, we do reserve the right to remove any content we find inappropriate and not fitting with the community standards of debate. Our hope is to not restrict direct publishing on the site from the community, but we will reconsider that policy if there are repeated problems.

How to Register
Many of you registered with the site in our first year and continue to post comments using your account, but we shut down new registrations during the 2010 season due to security concerns that have since been resolved.

  • If you’ve already registered and need to log in, go here.
  • If you’ve registered and have forgotten your password, go here.
  • To register for the first time, go here. You will need to provide a username, e-mail address and password. You can also provide your full name and choose whether to display a nickname.

How to add an Avatar
You do not need to add an avatar to post on the website, but we hope more members of the community will do so. As the community has grown we’ve gathered at least two Marcs and two Jacks and a number of Steves among others. One way to help this community really come to life is to add a little personality to replace the white and gray mystery man default avatars. You can use an image of yourself or simply something representative of your love of baseball and the Rockies. They’re powered by Gravatar and are associated with an e-mail address. If you choose to add one here, use the same e-mail address you’ve associated with your ITR account and the photo will automatically show up whenever you comment in a thread.

How to Start a Thread
We use WordPress to publish our site. It’s a very user-friendly content management system, but it does require some basic knowledge of how to publish content on the web. If you plan to contribute regularly, there are a number of good books you can find that will walk you through the intricacies of WordPress. But for a basic tutorial — these are the fields available to you:

  • Title: This is what will appear on the front pages. 5-7 words is ideal, and remember that this is what most readers will see when they decide whether or not to join your discussion.
  • Body: You can write in “Visual”, an editor that will be familiar if you’ve used word processors like MS Word, or “HTML” if you are comfortable working with HTML coding. If you haven’t had any experience with HTML, we highly recommend using the “Visual” editor. You have a few limited options for formatting text such as bold, italic, strikethrough, unordered list, blockquote and links. Even if you have the skills for more sophisticated coding, we ask that you avoid introducing formatting beyond the basics so that the site maintains a uniform look and to reduce the risk of broken codes. Use what’s available on the toolbar when posting but no other codes. If you would like access to more sophisticated posting tools, please contact [email protected].
  • Excerpt: If you would like to write a short summary of your post that will appear in feeds and on the Whaddya Think? front page, you can do so in this field. 140-160 characters is recommended. If you choose to leave this field blank, an excerpt will be automatically generated from the content of your post.
  • Publish: You can click Publish when you’re done, save a draft and finish later or schedule a post to go live at a later date. But once you click Publish, you will no longer have access to make changes to the post, so Publish with care.
  • Categories: You have only one choice. If you don’t selected Whaddya Think? the category will be assigned when you Publish.
  • Tags: If you would like to add relevant keyword tags that already exist in the system, you can do so here. Doing so helps sort the content on the site, but it is not required.

The Rules
In short, the same as commenting that has kept this site civil and fun the past two seasons: Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic. No spam. More specifically:

  • We are here to talk about the Colorado Rockies and Major League Baseball. While threads will occasionally stray into commentary on other Denver sports or baseball outside of Denver, keep the discussions to sports. There are plenty of sites to talk about news and politics, but unless we’re talking about funding for new stadiums or steroids hearings in Congress, this isn’t the place.
  • While we welcome a critical analysis of the Rockies, we won’t accept name calling. If you want to criticize a member of the Rockies organization, whether it be a player, coach or member of the front office, back it up with statistics or other evidence.
  • No swearing, please. We’re not trying to be prudes, just polite.
  • If you want to talk about Rockies news published elsewhere, cite it properly. Do not lift full passages of content from other sites, and if you quote someone, be clear about who said it and where it was published. Provide direct links where possible.
  • Inevitably someone on the site will disagree with a point you want to make — that’s part of the fun of watching baseball and talking about it. Don’t take disagreement personally.

InsideTheRockies.com and our publisher America’s Fish, LLC, are not responsible for any content posted by members of the community. Those posting on this site are solely responsible for the accuracy of their information. We reserve the right to remove any offending or inaccurate information provided by the community and to suspend registrations of members who repeatedly violate the accepted standards of conduct on this site. By publishing on this site, you accept these basic terms and conditions.